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Problem & Solution

TABANK has online payments, savings, lending and investment solutions built into one platform.


There are a lot of mobile apps like Facebook, Amazon, Tinder, Linkedin, Binance, Trust Wallet, etc. But no app can connect all people on one platform . TAB Mobile can change the world, it can connect people by using new technology, making it faster, cheaper and safer.



The world needs a mobile application that can include all the functions of e-commerce platforms, social networks, exchanges and e-wallets where users can buy and sell, make online payments with crypto, make friends, find a date, find jobs, borrow money, exchange and store cryptocurrencies. TAB Mobile will have all these functions in one place.


Vision and Mission

The details of the business model, vision, mission, and terms of service are the rules that the user agrees to follow in order to use this service. It is a bilateral statement of liability and regulations of use between the service provider and the customer.


Project development stages

We build d-apps and ecosystems

- Our mission is to become the leading global online digital bank by creating SUSTAINABLE VALUE for our customers.
- We are working to create an alternative, scalable, secure, transparent, efficient, inclusive and equitable financial system for all.
- What is the best blockchain platform suitable for banking? It must be Secure, Fast and Cost Effective.
- We chose TomoChain - one of the best blockchain platforms in the world for developing our ecosystem.
- TomoChain with its new modern algorithm provides proof of stake voting which is better than the previous blockchain generation.
- It is faster, cheaper, and easier for developing d-apps.
- End the ICO phase.
- Bonus for communities.
- List on Vindax, LUASWAP exchanges.
- Building e-commerce and exchanges platform, TAB tokens used as payment method and bonuses. For each member's actions such as buying, selling, ordering, commenting and posting - bonus points are awarded to members. Members can buy and sell bonus tokens to TAB and TAB to tokens. Tokens can be used for purchasing advertising posts, banners or products.
- Listing on some international exchanges.
Building TAB Wallet d-apps
- Listing on CoinMarketcap, CoinGecko.
- Integrating Trust Wallet.
- Launching Tab.Games (play to earn).
- Launch e-commerce and social network: users can buy products and pay with TAB tokens.
- TAB rewards for users who create good content on social networks.
- Launch TAB Wallet: users use TAB Wallet to store TAB tokens for buying products and creating content on social networks. It can also be used for paying for services when Traveling, at Coffee shops and when Shopping.
- Managing and operating e-commerce, social network, exchanges platform.
- Integrating functionalities for shopping and online payments via TAB Wallet.
- Peer-to-peer lending via TAB Wallet.
- P2P lending is a business activity on a blockchain platform that is different from the loans you access in traditional financial banking services (centralized finance). You are not borrowing from a financial institution, but rather from an individual or group of individuals who are willing to lend money to qualified applicants. P2P loan sites connect borrowers directly with investors without going through financial intermediaries. It is direct peer-to-peer lending.
- Remote account opening in under 5 minutes.
- Loan application in a few clicks.
- Instant P2P payments.
- A variety of Loyalty Programs.
- P2P lending.
- We will build a crypto exchange platform like Binance.
- We will write the new generation blockchain with the following features:
+ Everyone can participate in mining without expensive hardware or complicated installation
+ Transaction speed up to millions of transactions / 1 second
+ Easy to install on mobile devices and web browsers

Token information and capital allocation

We are transparent with our spendings and investors can check with smart contracts at the address ((click)) Investors can see that investments are being spent clearly and reasonably.


Token information and financial plan

TAB can be stored on TOMO or TRUST Wallet (add custom token)

Name of Token: TAB

Total supply: 36 000 000 TAB

Starting price: 1 TAB = 0.1 USDT at round 1 or private sales

Type of Token: TRC21 - TOMOCHAIN


Leading experts in finance, banking, real estate, e-commerce and technology

Tony Howard
Technology expert
Steve Becker
Marketing expert
Matthew Danrow
Finance expert
Deepanshu Bhatt
Blockchain Advisor
Blockchain Expert
Laura Zaharia
Crypto Advisor
Blockchain expert
Tudorache Alexandru
Business Advisor
Do Thi Huyen Trang
Communications Advisor
Communications Director
Tabank on Media

frequently asked questions

from August 01st 2021, Vindax, FinexBox, Dex-Trade....
Here is TAB smart contract address: 0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd
You can check all the transactions and holders at: https://scan.tomochain.com/tokens/0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd
TAB is a TRC21 token type based on TomoChain 3rd generation blockchain with 2000 TPS/second.
To participate in our private sale, send usdt (tether usd trc20) to the address:
Email to [email protected]
give us your txtid(TxHash) of sending BTC(or ETH) transaction , we will check and send token TAB to your tomo wallet.
or you can buy directly with our agency
you can buy online at https://tabank.org/buytab
TAB is a TRC21 token built on the latest generation blockchain platform -TomoChain (3rd generation blockchain). It adopts the latest Proof of Stake Voting consensus algorithm with many outstanding advantages over old blockchain platforms like Bitcoin (generation blockchain 1) and Ethereum (blockchain generation 2), which is thousands of times faster and cheaper.
TomoChain is a company from Japan and Singapore. It is also one of the leading blockchain technology companies in the world, founded in 2017 and raised tens of millions of dollars through the world's financial investment funds.
TAB Bank applied the technology on TomoChain's technology platforms with the most outstanding advantages: fastest and cheapest transaction speed.
1) TAB can be stored on Tomo Wallet or Trust Wallet https://tomochain.com/tomowallet/
Step 1. Download Tomo Wallet from Apple Store or Google Play
Step 2: Create and login to your Tomo Wallet and copy your TAB address
Add TAB token to your wallet

check TAB

(Notice: you must remember your private key of your wallet to login or for recovery. This is very important as if you lose your private key, you will lose your wallet and tokens)
2) For Trust Wallet, on the upper right corner, select Manage, scroll to the bottom, choose "Manually add custom token", select TomoChain network, and paste the smart contract address of TAB: 0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd

(Notice: you must have Tomo token for gas fee in order to transfer TAB), So we recommend using Tomo Wallet for the cheapest fee)
You can read more at: More details
There are ONLY 36 000 000 TAB available and there is no other way to build more.