Guide create TOMO WALLET

Step 1. Download Tomo Wallet from Apple store or Google play: Detail read:
For android: use Trust Wallet, click on right conner, paste smartcontract: 0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd
Read guide:
Step 2: Create and login to your Tomo Wallet and copy your TAB address
Add TAB token to your wallet (smartcontract: 0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd, decimal 18)

check TAB

(notice: you must remember your private key of your wallet to login or recovery, this is very important thing, if you lose your private key, you will lost your wallet and tokens)
Step 3: copy and paste your Tomo address to form buy, fill the TAB amount need to buy, transfer btc or eth, we will check transaction txthash and will transfer TAB to your TOMO WALLET address

Guide how to create TRUST WALLET

Step 1. Download Trust Wallet on Apple Store or Google Play
in the upper right corner, select Manage, scroll to the bottom, choose "manually add custom token", select TomoChain network, and paste the smartcontract address of TAB: 0x8103bb77ed2035b5da9a3a65d9c313cb6ee41dbd

(notice: you must have Tomo token for gas fee in transfer TAB), So we recomment using Tomo Wallet for cheapest fee

Step 2: Log in to Trust Wallet to get your wallet address, copy that wallet address ready to go to step 3
Step 3: Copy and paste the wallet address to the receiving address in the TAB purchase form, fill in the amount of TAB tokens to buy, transfer btc or eth, after receiving the btc or eth, we will transfer the amount of TABs to your TRUST WALLET